Stunning video shows microscopic vampire parasites feeding on a tiny crustacean from the INSIDE OUT


An independent scientist captures award-winning footage of a parasite attack

The video shows a small crustacean called a copepod being attacked

The parasite enters the host through a wound and feeds on its cytoplasm

The footage was honored in the Nikon Small World in Motion Competition  


PUBLISHED: 21:40 GMT, 20 February 2020 | UPDATED: 22:41 GMT, 20 February 2020


흡혈귀 기생충

    이 놀라운 새로운 영상은 공격적이고 미세한 기생충이 안에서 바깥쪽으로 작은 갑각류를 잡아먹는 장면을 보여준다.

이 장면은 독립 과학자, 영화 제작자, 전 왕립 소사이어티 대학 연구위원인 리처드 R. 커비가 이 작품으로 니콘 스몰 월드 인 모션상을 수상했다.

커비의 동영상은 흡혈귀 펠라기카라고 불리는 공격적인 기생충에 감염된 요각류를 보여준다.

성숙한 요각류는 보통 1에서 2mm의 길이로 대부분 식물성 플랑크톤을 섭취한다.

이 기생충은 숙주가 부상을 입거나 다른 큰 갑각류에게 잡아먹힐 때까지 이 작은 낭포에서 활동을 하지 않는다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

Ki Chul Hwang, conpaper editor, curator

edited by kcontents

An amazing new video shows footage of an aggressive microscopic parasite consuming a small crustacean from the inside out.

The stunning video was captured by independent scientist and filmmaker Richard R. Kirby and honored in the 2019 Small World in Motion Competition sponsored by Nikon

The footage was recorded by Richard R. Kirby, an independent scientist, filmmaker, and former Royal Society university research fellow, who was awarded a Nikon Small World in Motion prize for the work.

Kirby’s video shows a copepod that’s been infected with an aggressive microscopic parasite called vampyrophyra pelagica.

Mature copepods typically measure between one and two millimeters in length and subsist on a diet of mostly phytoplankton.

Copepods are frequent targets of vampyrophyra pelagica, which attach themselves to the crustacean's exterior and then enclose themselves in a protective cyst.

The parasite remains inactive in these small cysts until the host copepod is either wounded or is eaten by another, larger crustacean.

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2019 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition - Second Place


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