Google Adsense launches Auto Ads for AMP

Google Adsense launches Auto Ads for AMP 


Published on July 1, 2018 SHARE TWEET

Google this week launched Auto Ads for AMP. Publishers using Adsense can now use ads that are auto placed on the website. Auto Ads in Adsense “maximize revenue while ensuring a high quality user experience by automatically placing the best suited text and display ads on your AMP pages on both mobile and desktop.” Google says that publishers can earn up to 10% more by using Auto Ads.



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Auto Ads for AMP are available for all publishers, globally, on Adsense. After login in Adsense, publishers need to click in My Ads, Content, Auto Ads, and then on Auto Ads for AMP. Publishers can activate text and display ads or only display image ads. After, publishers need to introduce one line of code into the AMP header and into the AMP body.

Google says that “ads usually appear 20 minutes after publishers turned on Auto ads for AMP and added the script and code.”

Publishers can use Auto ads for AMP independently or with existing ads on your AMP ads. Auto ads for AMP scan your AMP pages, find optimal ad placements, and render new ads when they’re likely to perform well.