ZHA, 홍콩의 1m2에 1억 짜리 땅에 오피스타워 건설계획 공개 VIDEO: ZHA reveals designs for Hong Kong office block on world’s most expensive site

ZHA reveals designs for Hong Kong office block on world’s most expensive site


Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has revealed its plans for a 190m-tall office tower on the world’s most expensive plot of land – a public car park in Hong Kong snapped up for a record-smashing £2.2 billion


ZHA, 홍콩의 1m2에 1억 짜리 땅에 오피스타워 건설계획 공개

   Zaha Hadid Architects(ZHA)는 세계에서 가장 비싼 땅 위에 190m 높이의 오피스 타워를 건설할 계획을 밝혔다. 

이 빌딩이 들어설 홍콩의 한 주차장 부지는 28억 불의 기록적인 가격에 매각됐다. 

36층, 4만3천㎡ 규모로 건설될 이 프로젝트는 현재 평탄한 2개의 머레이 로드 다층 주차장을 대체한다.

홍콩의 최고 부호 중 한 가족이 소유한 부동산 회사인 헨더슨 랜드 개발은 경쟁 입찰자 8명을 따돌리고 2017년 경매에서 2,880m²의 이 다목적지를 매입했다.

1m2당 75만 파운드(95만 불)의 엄청난 분양가표는 세계에서 부동산 가치가 가장 높은 지역이라 할지라도 시장의 예상을 훨씬 상회했다.

프라임 플롯은 IM Pei의 72층짜리 중국은행(Bank of China) 건물인 Cesar Pelli의 63층짜리 Cheung Kong Centre와 Poster + Partners의 1985년 홍콩과 상하이 은행을 포함한 다수의 상징적인 오피스 타워 근처에 위치해 있다.

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The 36-storey, 43,000m² project, which will feature a high-tensile steel structrure, replaces the now-flattened 2 Murray Road multistorey car park in the core of the city’s financial district,

Henderson Land Development, a property company owned by one of Hong Kong’s wealthiest families, bought the 2,880m² multistorey in 2017 at auction after seeing off eight rival bidders.

The eye-watering price tag for the lot, which works out at £750,000 per square metre, was way above market expectations, even for an area with one of the highest real estate values in the world.

The prime plot is located near a number of iconic office towers, including IM Pei’s 72-storey Bank of China building Cesar Pelli’s 63-storey Cheung Kong Centre and Foster + Partners’ 1985 Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.


A short walking distance to both Central and Admiralty MTR metro stations, the site was the first commercial land to be sold by Hong Kong’s government in the prime central location since 1996.

ZHA is understood to have seen off competition from big-hitters Foster + Partners and OMA to land the job three years ago. The tower will be ZHA’s second permanent building in the former British colony.

Before ZHA's appointment, permission had already been granted to Century Base Development, a subsidiary of Henderson, for a 35-storey office high-rise to be built on the car park site with a maximum floor space of 43,200m² and five basement levels.

Zaha Hadid, who died in 2016, rose to international prominence after winning a design competition for a Hong Kong project in 1983 – a leisure club called The Peak, which was never built.

The Murray Street car park was demolished in 2018 and early construction works began on site last year.

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Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) plans for a 190m Hong Kong office tower on world’s most expensive site