[K팝의 새 역사] BTS, 한국 최초 빌보드 싱글 차트 '핫 100' 정상에 올라 VIDEO: |BTS Make History By Debuting Their Single ‘Dynamite’ At No. 1 On The Hot 100

BTS Make History By Debuting Their Single ‘Dynamite’ At No. 1 On The Hot 100

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For years now, BTS has been slowly hitting new highs on the Hot 100 with almost every subsequent single they release, inching closer and closer to the penthouse, but a No. 1 hit was something that continued to elude the biggest musical act from South Korea...until now.

BTS debut their new single “Dynamite” at No. 1 on this week’s Hot 100, earning their first chart-topper with a relatively rare instant ruler.

“Dynamite” launches at No. 1 thanks to a sizable streaming figure, strong early radio support and a sales sum so large it’s shocking. The tune was immediately played on sites like Spotify and Apple Music by millions, and the video that accompanied the cut (along with plenty of other uploads that used the song as well) racked up massive view counts. In fact, the colorful treatment broke the record for the most plays in 24 hours, as the visual was watched over 100 million times in the first full day it was available.

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When it comes to sales on platforms like iTunes and Amazon AMZN +1.4%, “Dynamite” was a bestseller from the moment it arrived, and it has hardly dipped in popularity in the week since. In fact, throughout the past several days, BTS has doled out several new versions of the song, and fans snapped them all up, with all half-dozen takes on the disco-pop cut being combined into one entity (which helps explain why the first frame sales sum is so large).

“Dynamite” arrives with 34 million streams and 265,000 purchases, which is the largest one-week sales count in three years.


BTS 한국 가수 최초 빌보드 싱글 1위

   그룹 방탄소년단(BTS)이 한국 가수 가운데 처음으로 빌보드 메인 싱글 차트인 '핫 100' 정상에 오르며 K팝의 새 역사를 썼다.

빌보드는 31일(현지시간) 방탄소년단의 '다이너마이트'(Dynamite)가 핫 100 최신 차트에 1위로 데뷔했다고 밝혔다.

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