오토데스크, AI 회사 Pype 인수...다른 2개 회사에 투자 VIDEO: Autodesk Acquires AI Company, Pype, and Makes Investments into Two Others

Autodesk Acquires AI Company, Pype, and Makes Investments into Two Others

In 2018, Autodesk made a huge splash in the construction industry by acquiring PlanGrid, BuildingConnected, and Assemble.  In 2019, the company combined all of those acquisitions and their native BIM 360 application in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).  Now, Autodesk is on the move again with a new acquisition and investments into a couple of other construction tech companies.

Announced yesterday, Autodesk has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Pype, a construction technology that uses artificial intelligence to simplify submittal logs, the closeout process, and project turnover. Last week, the company also announced strategic investments into Bridgit Solutions and Factory OS.


오토데스크, AI 회사 Pype 인수...다른 2개 회사에 투자

     2018년 오토데스크는 PlanGrid, BuildingConnected, Assembly를 인수하여 건설업계에서 큰 화제를 모았다. 2019년에는 오토데스크 건설 클라우드(ACC)에서 이러한 모든 인수와 기본 BIM 360 애플리케이션을 통합하였다. 현재 오토데스크는 몇 개의 다른 건설 기술 회사에 대한 새로운 인수와 투자를 통해 다시 움직이고 있다.

어제 발표된 오토데스크는 제출 로그, 마감 프로세스, 프로젝트 이전을 단순화하기 위해 인공지능을 사용하는 건설 기술회사인 Pype를 인수하기 위한 최종 계약을 체결했다. 지난주 브리지트솔루션과 팩토리 OS에 대한 전략적 투자도 발표했다.


수닐 도라이라얀과 카루나 암메르디가 2015년 설립한 파이프는 AI와 머신러닝을 활용해 프로젝트 킥오프부터 클로즈아웃까지 프로젝트에 대한 인간적 오류를 줄여준다. 오토데스크는 Pype의 4가지 주요 제품을 인수 후 Autodesk Construction Cloud에 통합하여 프로젝트의 전체 라이프사이클을 캡슐화하는 포트폴리오를 구축할 수 있도록 지원할 계획이다. 4가지 제품은 다음과 같다.

AutoSpeecs – 사양 북을 통해 자동으로 검색하여 제출 로그 생성

클로즈아웃 – 문서 수집 시간을 단축하여 정시 마감 처리 지원

eBinder – 목차에서 클릭 가능한 링크가 포함된 PDF 보고서에 교체 문서를 결합하고, 검색 기능을 갖추고 있으며, 사용자 정의가 가능한 슬립 시트를 작성함

SmartPans – 제출물, 제품 일정 및 계약 준수 요건과 같은 도면에서 직접 데이터 추출

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Founded in 2015 by Sunil Dorairajan and Karuna Ammireddy, Pype uses AI and machine learning to reduce human error on a project from project kickoff through closeout. Autodesk plans to intregrate Pype’s 4 main products to their Autodesk Construction Cloud after the acquisition to help build their portfolio to encapsulate a project’s entire lifecycle. Those 4 products are:

AutoSpecs – automatically searches through a spec book to create a submittal log

Closeout – allows quicker collection of documents to facilitate on-time closeout

eBinder – combines turnover documents into a PDF report with clickable links in the table of contents, has search functionality, and creates customizable slip sheets

SmartPans – extracts data directly from drawings, like submittals, product schedules, and contract compliance requirements

“Too many critical construction workflows are still performed manually by project teams, leading to inefficiencies and exposing companies to increased risk such as schedule delays and cost overruns,” said Jim Lynch, vice president and general manager of Autodesk Construction Solutions at Autodesk, in a press release. “Pype’s software makes data both actionable and collaborative, allowing teams to build and automate workflows that increase on-time and on-budget project delivery. Following the acquisition, Pype will join our portfolio of best-in-class solutions that are widely used by the construction industry to manage the building lifecycle from design through to operations.”

The terms of Autodesk’s acquisition of Pype have not been released.

Bridgit Solutions

On July 14, Autodesk announced a $7 million strategic investment into the Canadian based workforce planning software, Bridgit Solutions. In turn, Bridgit Solutions plans to use that money to build more advanced features, add new integrations, and increase their pace of technological innovations.

In 2019, the company added Bridgit Bench to its product offerings, which allows users to visually see how their workforce is being allocated, quickly assign them to different roles, and build a history of their work experience. They also offer Bridgit Field, for punch list and inspection management.

“Over the last three months, Bridgit has experienced a 72 percent increase in usage across our customer base, both in the US and Canada,” said Mallorie Brodie, CEO and co-founder at Bridgit, in a press release. “With construction recently restricted and projects delayed, contractors have needed to shift their processes and are demanding the workforce data and insights that Bridgit provides. The new funding will allow us to empower contractors to use their resources effectively, build more efficiently, and with Autodesk, have a more complete picture of people and projects across their organization.”


Factory_OS facilitates the off-site construction of affordable housing in manufacturing influenced assembly line process.  The company touts that their process yield 20% lower costs, builds houses 40% faster, and produces 70% less waste. Autodesk has previously invested into Factory_OS and their hope is that their continued support of Factory_OS will help the prefabrication, workforce development, and automation process in construction.


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