Futuristic 'zero-emissions' electric passenger plane concept with propellers instead of jet engines puts sustainability over speed


Concept design from New York firm is for the carbon-conscious frequent flyer

The plane swaps jet engines for batteries, electric generators and propellers   

Designer JDXP says the plane has 'sustainability at the core'

But the design would add another 25 minutes for every two hours in the air


PUBLISHED: 17:12 GMT, 23 January 2020 | UPDATED: 17:40 GMT, 23 January 2020


제트엔진 대신 프로펠러 장착한 미래형 탄소제로 전기여객기 

   한 디자인사가 제트엔진 대신 프로펠러를 장착한 완전 전기 여객기 콘셉트를 공개했다.

뉴욕에 본사를 둔 JDXP의 ‘제로’ 여객기 컨셉은 핀포인트의 날카로운 코와 뒷면에 긴 날개 폭을 가진 공기역학적 구조를 특징으로 한다.

이 비행기는 탄소를 주입하는 제트엔진 2개 대신 태양전지판과 전기발전기, 프로펠러 3세트를 사용한다.

제트 엔진에서 전기 모터로의 전환은 제로 비행기에 탑승한 승객들이 목적지에 도착하기 위해 2시간마다 25분씩 더 오랜 시간 동안 이동해야 한다는 것을 의미한다.

하지만 이 디자인은 그들의 탄소배출량을 상쇄하기 위해 공중에서 조금 더 오랜 시간을 보내는 것을 꺼리지 않는 비행사들에게 적합하다.

"우리는 음속의 장벽을 무너뜨리는 것이 아니라 효율성이 관건입니다,"라고 이 회사의 리더인 조 더켓은 패스트 컴퍼니에서 말했다.

"내 생각에는 달성 가능한 기술과 여행자의 입장에서 여행이 좀 더 오래 걸리더라도 더 잘 여행하기를 바라는 욕구가 있는 것 같다."

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

Ki Chul Hwang, conpaper editor, curator

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A design agency has revealed its concept for an all-electric passenger plane with propellers instead of jet engines.

The ‘Zero’ passenger plane concept, from New-York based JDXP, features an aerodynamic structure, with pin-point sharp nose and long wingspan at the back.

Instead of two carbon-belching jet engines, the plane uses batteries and electric generators, which could be charged by solar panels, and three sets of propellers. 


The vehicle is only a concept, but it's hoped it will catch the eye of the airline industry as an option for frequent flyers who regularly travel on short-haul trips

The switch from jet engines to electric motors would mean that passengers on the Zero plane would have to travel for longer to reach their destination – an extra 25 minutes for every two hours.

But the design is suited to frequent flyers who don’t mind spending a bit longer in the air to offset their carbon emissions.

‘We’re not breaking the sound barrier, but efficiency is key,’ Joe Doucet, leader of the firm, told Fast Company. 

‘It seems to me there’s both achievable technology, and a desire on the part of travellers to travel better, even if travel takes a bit longer.’

The 'Zero' concept features a pointed nose to reduce air drag and wings right at the back to maximise lift at take-off

Carbon emissions from plane travel, which are focused in the upper atmosphere, are considered among the greatest contributors to global warming, the company says.

By replacing jet engines with three propellers, the plane’s in-built electric motors allow it ‘to achieve required minimums’ in distance and duration for flight times.

Instead of jet engines, Zero uses electric motors to drive three sets of propellers at the back

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