GM의 레벨5 자율주행차 VIDEO: GM’s Cruise Origin Is an Autonomous Vehicle From the Future


GM’s Cruise Origin Is an Autonomous Vehicle From the Future

By Bill Howard on January 23, 2020

Cruise Automation, the GM self-driving-car subsidiary, showed off its latest and most solid self-driving car yet this week, the Cruise Origin. The Origin is both electric and autonomous.


핸들도 페달도 없다, 버튼만 누르면 끝… GM이 공개한 레벨5 자율주행차


    미국 제너럴모터스(GM)의 자율주행 부문 자회사인 크루즈가 22일(현지 시각) 미국 샌프란시스코에서 완전 자율주행차 콘셉트카 '오리진'을 공개했다. 차 문은 미닫이 형태로, 안쪽에는 탑승자들이 마주 보며 앉을 수 있도록 설계됐다. 운전대와 가속·감속 페달이 없고, 대신 탑승자가 안전벨트를 착용한 뒤 문쪽에 설치된 '시작' 버튼(오른쪽 작은 사진)을 누르면 차량이 스스로 출발한다. 크루즈 측은 "오리진은 운전자 개입이 전혀 필요없는 '레벨5' 수준의 자율주행 기술이 탑재된 차량으로, 차체 곳곳에 설치된 카메라와 레이더 센서로 교통 상황을 파악해 목적지까지 스스로 안전하게 주행한다"고 밝혔다. 레벨5 자율주행이 가능한 실물 차량은 오리진이 세계 최초인 것으로 알려졌다
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The Origin is equally defined by what the vehicle is not: your personal self-driver you put away at day’s end. Instead, it’s meant to be a six-person taxi for ride shares in and around urban areas such as San Francisco, the company’s HQ and site of the unveiling Tuesday. It is also not going to have a steering wheel, meaning the Cruise Origin goes straight to Level 5 (or Level 4 within defined areas) autonomous driving.

The event was not, as well, an Elon Musk Tesla revival-tent unveiling or a Donald Trump rally. Instead, it was relatively low key and there were no big promises. Cruise executives only said prototypes, not production cars, are due “in the near future” and cautioned that “our work is far from done.”


The Cruise Origin shown this week is a boxy, van-like vehicle and there is a clear difference between front and back, in part to help other cars with retro features (that is, human drivers) cue themselves into the direction a stopped Origin would take upon moving off. There is a flat floor. There is no steering wheel or pedals. There are lots of lidar and sensor pods at the four corners of the vehicle.

Cruise Origin concept in a city setting.

Level 5 automation means a vehicle that can go everywhere without need for a driver, and thus without need for a steering wheel, throttle, or brake pedal. Level 4 is full automation but only on some roads, initially meaning limited access highways such as interstates. Cruise Automation is looking at fully automated vehicles where the set of self-drivable roads is every major street in an urban area. Production cars are at Level 2 currently, meaning the car can drive itself on an interstate but can’t deal with off-ramps, lane changes (some can, some can’t), or stalled cars in the roadway, so there has to be a driver behind the wheel more-or-less paying attention.

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