Turtle-y amazing! Mesmerising footage shows the greatest density of sea turtles ever recorded arriving at a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica to lay their eggs

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles gather near beaches to lay their eggs 

The female turtles arrive within a few days of each other during the rainy season

They lay their eggs on the beach at the same time for protection in numbers

In 2016 researchers used drones to capture footage showing the 'turtle swarm'

In one area in Costa Rica there were more than 5,000 turtles per squar mile


PUBLISHED: 10:43 GMT, 28 November 2019 | UPDATED: 10:43 GMT, 28 November 2019


드론영상에 포착된 알 낳기 위해 유영하는 바다거북들

  코스타리카의 야생동물 보호구역 근처에 바다거북들이 알을 낳기 위해 준비하는 놀라운 모습이 드론 영상에 포착됐다.

매년 수십만 마리의 암컷 바다거북들이 서로 며칠 사이에 오션 나시오날 야생동물 보호구역에 도착한다.

생물학자인 바네사 베지는 아리바다라고 불리는 이 현상을 연구하고 있으며 해안가에 닿기 전에 바다에 모여 있는 올리브 디플리 바다거북을 촬영했다.

그녀는 촬영 중에 평방 마일 당 수천 마리의 거북이를 보았다고 말했다.

바다거북은 그들이 해변에서 작은 부화한 새끼일 때 포식자에게 가장 취약하기 때문에 큰 어미 그룹의 새끼들이 생존할 가능성을 높이기 위해 같은 지역에 동시에 알을 낳는다.

2016년 11월 '바다거북 떼'를 촬영할 수 있었던 그는 이 장면을 '기록된 바다거북 종 중 가장 밀도가 높은 곳'이라고 표현했다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

Ki Chul Hwang, conpaper editor, curator

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Incredible drone footage has captured video of the largest ever gathering of sea turtles near a wildlife refuge in Costa Rica as they prepare to lay their eggs.

Each small white dot in this picture is a sea turtle preparing to go onshore and lay their eggs. The turtles are 'increasingly threatened' by human interference and development say researchers

Every year hundreds of thousands of female sea turtles arrive at the Ostional Nacional Wildlife Refuge within a few days of each other.

Biologist Vanessa Bézy has been studying this phenomenon - called an arribada - and filmed olive ridley sea turtles aggregating in the ocean before reaching shore.

She said she saw thousands of turtles per square mile during the filming. 

Experts don't know for certain why sea turtles like this one lay their eggs in such large numbers on beaches but predict it is to create a safety in numbers to increase the chance of the vulnerable young hatchlings surviving

Sea turtles are at their most vulnerable to predators when they are tiny hatchlings on the beach and so large groups of mothers lay their eggs at the same time in the same area to increase the chance of their offspring surviving. 

Using a drone she was able to film the 'sea turtle swarm' in November 2016 and described the scene as 'the greatest density of sea turtle species ever recorded'. 

'I immediately knew there was something special going on. To this day I'm still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars', she told National Geographic.

Turtles such as the Olive Ridley pictured are facing habitat destruction

The researcher says she wasn't going to release the footage but has decided to make it public to raise awareness of the risks facing sea turtles.

She said they are increasingly threatened by growing numbers of tourists who can crowd the beaches at critical times as well as potential property developments.

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