UAE's ADNOC eyes another exploration licensing round to boost oil, gas production

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Abu Dhabi — Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is considering a second exploration licensing round, as it continues its drive to boost its oil and gas production capacity, the company's head of upstream Abdulmunim Saif al-Kindy said Wednesday.

The National


100억 달러 규모 사우디 하일(Hail) 및 가샤(Ghasha) 가스전개발 프로젝트 입찰 동향

EPC PQ 지난 1월 26일 마감

현대건설, 삼성엔지니어링, GS건설, 

사이펨, 페트로팩, 맥더모트, JGC, L&T 등 PQ 제출

EPC입찰서 FEED 끝나는 2019년 2분기 발급

   사우디 아드녹 사우어가스(Adnoc Sour Gas)가 발주하는 하일(Hail) 및 가샤(Ghasha) 가스전개발 프로젝트의 4개 패키지에 대한 EPC PQ가 지난 1월 26일에 마감되었다. 

현재까지 알려진 바로는 현대건설, 삼성엔지니어링, GS건설, 사이펨, 페트로팩, 맥더모트, JGC, L&T 등이 PQ를 제출했다. EPC입찰서는 FEED가 끝나는 2019년 2분기에 발급될 예정이다. 

이 프로젝트는 하루 10억 입방피트의 가스를 생산하기 위해 하일 및 가샤 가스전을 개발하는 사업이다. 이번에 PQ가 실시된 4개 패키지는 1번인 해상 드릴 센터, 해저파이프라인 및 압축시설 플랫폼, 2번인 가샤 해상 처리플랜트(GOP) 및 중앙거주시설 플랫폼, 3번인 육상 마나이프(Manayif) 동력 및 간접시설, 파이프라인, 콘트롤룸, 토목 및 건축공사, 4번인 육상 마나이프 프로세스플랜트 등으로 구성된 100억 달러 규모의 사업이다. 


전체 시설에 대한 FEED는 벡텔이 진행하고 있으며, PMC는 KBR이 맡고 있다


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ADNOC will announce the winning bids for its first exploration round, which covered two offshore and four onshore licenses, by the end of March, Kindy told reporters on the sidelines of the Gulf Intelligence UAE Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi. A second round would include opportunities in conventional and unconventional plays in oil and gas, he added.

"We will cover the whole area and [announce] at the right time," he said.

Last year, ADNOC said it intended to boost its oil production capacity to 4 million b/d by the end of 2020, and to 5 million b/d by 2030 supported by new oil discoveries, while also seeking to achieve gas self-sufficiency and potentially becoming a net gas exporter.

ADNOC, which produces some 95% of the UAE's crude, ended 2018 with a flurry of gas concession awards, including the Ghasha ultra sour offshore development, which has been marked as a priority development. The Ghasha concession is composed of the Hail, Ghasha, Dalma and other smaller sour gas fields.

Italian major Eni will take a 25% stake, while Wintershall and OMV were awarded 10% and 5% stakes, respectively. Output from Ghasha is touted for 2024, and is expected to produce a total of 1.5 bcf/d of gas once fully operational.


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"[The Ghasha concession] requires the construction of new islands," Kindy said, adding that ADNOC was ready to award the engineering, procurement and construction contract.

Separately, France's Total will take up a 40% share in the Ruwais unconventional concession, which could see first output as early as this year.


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