Dubai: RTA launches new road management programme

The new system will enhance the performance of road facilities [representational image]. 

by Jochebed Menon on Apr 6, 2017 

Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) has launched a bridge management and maintenance programme to safeguard urban sustainability and optimum operational conditions.

The system is in keeping with international best practice, according to UAE state news agency, WAM.

Maitha bin Adai, chief executive officer of RTA's traffic and roads agency, said: "The programme reflects the authority's keenness to apply the latest high-tech technologies to ensure well-integrated assessment of various road conditions and identifying the required maintenance works.

"Safety of the emirate's roads and bridges is a priority, being a main asset of the country's infrastructure that plays a major role in ensuring an investment friendly environment. The programme will contribute to enhancing the operational performance of different road facilities in the emirate by providing an integrated data base that could be used in ensuring optimum maintenance systems."

The programme has been benchmarked according to practices applied in developed countries, including Canada and South Africa.

In a bid to accelerate the execution of maintenance work, the programme has also been linked to Dubai's geographic information system (GIS) to provide access to smart apps on portable devices, according to bin Adai.




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