StructionSite Unveils SmartTrack for Automated Production Tracking of Framing and Drywall

July 7, 2020 Shane Hedmond

For project management, it’s my personal belief that one of the most valuable pieces of software a company can purchase is a quality photo documentation software.  They can not only provide a much more efficient way of storing and organizing photos for review later, the pictures collected also contain extremely valuable data points that many construction technologists are finally being able to extrapolate in a meaningful way. 

StructionSite’s SmartTrack Progress Tracking, courtesy of StructionSite


AI 활용한 이미지 기성현황 추적 시스템

   360 Photo Documentation 앱인 StructionSite는 AI를 활용하여 사용자가 최소한의 노력으로 작업 현장 전체에서 촬영한 이미지에서 데이터를 추출하는 최신 기능 중 하나이다. 

SmartTrack은 기본적으로 StructionSite 앱을 사용하여 현장에서  수집된 이미지를 사용하여 일정 기간 동안 완료된 작업의 양을 측정한다. 현재 새로운 건설 추적 도구는 프레임과 건식벽의 설치율에 촛점을 맞추고 있지만 앞으로 더 많은 분야에가 적용 될 것이다.

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360 Photo Documentation app, StructionSite, is one of the latest to harness AI to pull data from images taken throughout the jobsite, with minimal effort required of the user. For those unfamiliar with StructionSite, you can check out my interview with Matt Daly, the Co-Founder and CEO of StructionSite, at Groundbreak 2019 by clicking or tapping here.  In that interview, Daly teased the release of their newest product called SmartTrack.

SmartTrack essentially uses the images collected during your site walk using the StructionSite app to measure the amount of work completed over a period of time.  Currently, the new production tracking tool is focusing on the installation rate of framing and drywall, but there are more trades to come.

The production data collected on projects will be displayed in multiple ways: on a dashboard with charts and graphs to allow users to visualize the production of these tasks, on a floor plan view with color coded highlights for quick recognition of what has been completed in a certain area, and on VideoWalk, which allows users to visually see the actual images taken on the jobsite at any point in history. While a BIM model is not required, it can be used to make the data even more powerful.

Screenshot of the SmartTrack Dashboard, courtesy of StructionSite

"Our goal is to build a low effort, high-value production tracking solution that provides insights from site documentation to enable you to make better decisions faster. SmartTrack takes the grey area out of construction by bridging the information gap between the field and the office,” said Brianna Williams, Sr. Product Manager of StructionSite, in a press release...

That sentiment really encapsulates the power of technology, it allows project leaders to obtain and visualize data from the jobsite to make timely decisions, rather than waiting days or weeks for paperwork to make it from the jobsite back to the office, or vice versa. Without having someone on site, every day, to physically count quantities of installed material, previous production tracking efforts were based on a best guess, but AI has the ability to make that process more efficient and more accurate.

For more on SmartTrack, you can check out StructionSite’s video below:

SmartTrack Overview 



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