Covid-19 isn't just a respiratory disease. It hits the whole body

By Maggie Fox, CNN

(CNN)The patient had been relatively fine for the first 10 days he was down with Covid-19.

Just 38, he didn't fit the description of people at high risk of complications from the new coronavirus.



코로나바이러스, 단순 호흡기 아닌 '전신 질환'

혈전 발생

   그 환자는 코비드-19로 쓰러진 첫 열흘 동안 비교적 멀쩡했었다.

단지 38세, 그는 새로운 코로나바이러스로 인한 합병증의 위험성이 높은 사람들에 해당되지 않았다.

뉴욕 포모나의 혈관 외과의사인 션 벵거터 박사는 "그는 집에서 그냥 앉아 있는 가벼운 폐 증세가 있었다"고 말했다. 

"그는 응급 치료 클리닉에서 진단을 받았고 집에서는 잘 되어가고 있었다. 그냥 기침만 조금 하셨어요."

코비드-19의 놀라운 효과가 나타나기 전까지는

웨스트체스터 메디컬 센터 굿 사마리아탄 병원의 혈관 외과 과장인 벵거터는 "그 후 그는 다리가 저리고 추워서 걸을 수가 없었다"고 말했다.

코로나바이러스는 혈전을 일으킬 수 있다.

비교적 젊은 이 남자는 대동맥 폐색, 즉 몸의 주동맥에 큰 혈전이 생겼는데, 바로 위에서 두 부분으로 갈라진다. 피가 장골동맥에 들어가지 않았고 그의 다리는 피를 굶주리고 있었다.

투석을 필요로 하는 환자들이 늘어나면서 새로운 Covid-19 위기가 강타했다.

"이것은 환자의 20%에서 50%를 사망시킬 수 있는 극도로 위험한 양상이다"라고 벵거터는 말했다. 그는 CNN과의 인터뷰에서 "일반적으로 38세에게 이런 일이 일어나지 않는다"고 말했다.

카테터를 사용하여 동맥들을 잘라내고 응고를 퍼내는 빠른 진단과 수술로 환자를 구했다. "우리는 두 명의 외과의사가 동시에 그를 치료했다"고 벵거터는 말했다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

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"He had mild pulmonary symptoms that he was just sitting at home with," said Dr. Sean Wengerter, a vascular surgeon in Pomona, New York. "He had been diagnosed at an urgent care clinic and it was going fine at home. He just had a little cough."

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Until one of Covid-19's surprising effects kicked in.

"Then he just woke up with both his legs numb and cold and so weak he couldn't walk," said Wengerter, who is division chief of vascular surgery at Westchester Medical Center Health's Good Samaritan Hospital.

Coronavirus can cause blood clots

This relatively young man had an aortic occlusion -- a big blood clot in the body's main artery, right above where it splits into two parts to run into each leg. Blood was not getting into the iliac arteries and his legs were being starved.

New Covid-19 crisis hits ICUs as more patients need dialysis

It's an extremely dangerous development that can kill between 20% and 50% of patients, Wengerter said. "It just doesn't usually happen in a 38-year-old," he told CNN.


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Quick diagnosis and a surgical procedure to slice open the arteries and scoop out the clot using a catheter saved the patient. "We had two surgeons working simultaneously on him," Wengerter said.

Doctors treating coronavirus patients are seeing a range of odd and frightening syndromes, including blood clots of all sizes throughout the body, kidney failure, heart inflammation and immune complications.

"One thing that is both curious and evolving and frustrating is that this disease is manifesting itself in so many different ways," said Dr. Scott Brakenridge, an assistant professor on the acute care surgery team at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

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Are BLOOD CLOTS the reason why COVID19 patients are dying? (Blood thinners to save lives?) 


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