[Timelapse] Watch 7 Years of Construction of New York’s 2 Newest Supertall Skyscrapers

March 19, 2019 Shane Hedmond

Hudson Yards, courtesy of Related-Oxford

28조원 들여 만든 뉴욕 인공산 허드슨 야드 VIDEO: New York's $25 billion Hudson Yards development opens



200억불 짜리 뉴욕 인공산 '허드슨 야드' 건설 타임랩스

  거의 7년 전 맨해튼 서측에서  200억 달러 규모의 복합용도 개발사업의 공사가 시작됐다.알려진 대로 2019년 3월 15일 허드슨 야드가 정식으로 문을 열었다. 

허드슨야드 개발은 단지 1개의 초고층 건물(높이 300m 이상)만 포함했을 뿐 아니라, 2019년에 완공된 2개의 초고층 건물과 250m 이상의 높이까지 포함되었고, 30개의 허드슨 야드가 1268피트(386m)로 가장 높았고, 35개의 허드슨 야드가 1,009피트(307m), 15개의 허드슨 야드가 914피트(278m)로 그 뒤를 이었다.

허드슨야드 개발은 현재 세계에서 30번째로 높은 건물, 미국에서 8번째로 높은 건물, 뉴욕에서 6번째로 높은 건물로 평가되고 있다.

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Ki Cheol Hwang, conpaper editor, curator
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Almost 7 years ago, construction began on the west side of Manhattan’s $20 billion mixed-use development.  On March 15, 2019, Hudson Yards, as the development is known, has officially opened.  


The Hudson Yards development was so massive that it didn’t just include 1 supertall building (at least 300m in height), it included 2 supertall buildings and another over 250m tall, all completed in 2019.  30 Hudson Yards is the tallest at 1268ft (386m), followed by 35 Hudson Yards at 1,009fet (307m), and 15 Hudson Yards at 914ft (278m).  

30 Hudson Yards is currently ranked the 30th tallest building in the world, the 8th tallest in the United States, and the 6th tallest in New York City.  The Hudson Yards development overall is believed to be the largest private real estate development in the United States by square footage.

NYC's Hudson Yards/NBC News

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In addition to those buildings, the 778 foot tall (237m) 55 Hudson Yards was completed in 2018, One Hudson Yards at 393ft (119m) was completed in 2017, and 10 Hudson Yards at 878ft (267m) was completed in 2016. Yet another supertall building, 50 Hudson Yards, which is expected to be 1011 feet tall (308m) is scheduled for completion in 2022, according to The Skyscraper Center.


The Hudson Yards project is more than a collection of large buildings, however, as it was designed to be planned neighborhood.  In addition to housing many businesses, the neighborhood features 14 acres of public space, a new K-8 public school, and over 1,300 affordable housing units.  

The development been designed as the first LEED certified neighborhood, although certification is still in progress. Two on-site cogeneration plants are estimated to save 24,000 Megatons (MT) of greenhouse gases from being emitted each year and will serve to provide the neighborhood with a source of electricity, as well as hot and cold water. An estimated 10 million gallons of storm water will also be collected and reused in irrigation and mechanical systems, as well, according to a recent press release. 

EarthCam captured more than 3 million photos and 500,000 hours of imagery from December 2012 through March 2019 in order to create the incredible timelapse video below. In order to capture all of the necessary footage on this massive development, the company had to continuously adjust the the 72 robotic cameras that were on-site throughout the project.



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