Watch a Remote Controlled Excavator Chomp Through a 600’ Tall Cooling Tower 1 Bite at a Time

September 17, 2019 Shane Hedmond

The most popular method of demolition these days is by implosion, but not always welcome in certain areas or situations.  The use of explosives can greatly damage neighboring buildings and spread hazardous materials over a large radius, which is why a cooling tower at the Mülheim-Kärlich power plant in Germany had to be slowly dismantled from the top.

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독일 원전 냉각탑 철거 위한 로봇 굴착기 활용

    요즘 가장 인기 있는 철거 방법은 파쇄에 의한 것이지만, 특정 지역이나 상황에서 항상 환영받는 것은 아니다. 폭발물을 사용하면 주변 건물에 큰 피해를 입힐 수 있고, 위험 물질을 넓은 반경으로 확산시킬 수 있어 독일 뮐하임-케를리히 발전소의 냉각탑을 위에서 천천히 해체해야 했던 이유가 여기에 있다.

로봇 굴착기는 1년 이상 동안 탑의 높이를 530피트(159m)에서 262피트(79m) 이상으로 낮추기 위해 사용되었다. 

CNN에따르면 이 탑이 지정된 높이 아래로 떨어졌지만 폭발물 사용 허가를 받지 못했다.

그래서 그들은 그 대신에 다시 로봇을 사용하여 지지 구조물을 약화시키고 탑이 스스로 절단되게 결정했다.

이 구조물의 밑부분은 36개의 V자형 기둥으로 이루어져 있었고 로봇 굴착기는 구조물이 궁극적으로 무너지도록 하기 위해 4시간이나 소요됐다.

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For over a year, a robotic excavator was employed to chomp the tower down in height from over 530 feet tall to 262 feet tall.  The machine rode along the lip of the cooling tower as it took bites at a time off the structure.

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Once the tower got below the specified, engineers were still denied a permit to use explosives to bring the remaining portion of the building down, according to CNN, so they instead decided to use robots again to weaken the supporting structures and force the tower to fold in upon itself. 

The base of the structure was made up of 36 V-shaped columns and the robotic excavators took 4 hours to chew through enough of them to cause the structure to ultimately fall.

Germany plans to dissolve all of its current nuclear power plants over the coming years after slowly easing off of the power source following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.  The more recent Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 greatly sped up the government’s plans to decommission all nuclear plants.

You can check out the video below for footage of the robotic excavator and the final fall of the structure.


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