Facebook hopes its new Ray-Ban smartglasses will replace your smartphone

By Allison Matyus September 17, 2019 1:31PM PST

Facebook is reportedly entering the smartglasses market with its version of augmented reality eyeware — and it thinks they’ll be good enough to replace your phone.

According to CNBC, Facebook has partnered with Luxottica, Ray-Ban’s parent company, to develop a pair of glasses that it hopes would permanently replace smartphones. The glasses, known internally as Orion, would be able to take phone calls, show information via a small display in the frames, and allow people to livestream what they see to social media followers.



페이스북, 스마트폰 대체 스마트 글래스 시장에 진출

   보도에 따르면 페이스북은 증강현실 안구제품 버전을 가지고 스마트 글래스 시장에 진출하고 있으며, 그것은 그들이 기존의 스마트폰를 대신하기에 충분할 것이라고 생각한다.

CNBC에 따르면 페이스북은 레이밴의 모회사인 룩소티카와 제휴해 스마트폰을 영구 교체할 수 있기를 희망하는 안경을 개발했다. 오리온으로 알려진 이 안경은 전화를 받고, 액자에 있는 작은 디스플레이를 통해 정보를 보여주며, 사람들이 그들이 보는 것을 소셜 미디어 팔로워들에게 알릴 수 있게 할 것이다.

이 안경에는 링 장치뿐만 아니라 인공지능 음성비서도 포함될 것이다. 비록 그것이 어떻게 작동할지 밝혀지지는 않고 있다. 링 장치의 내부 코드명은 Agios이다.

소비자들은 2023년에서 2025년 사이에 이 첨단 안경들이 시장에 출시될 것으로 예상할 수 있다. CNN은 이 프로젝트에 정통한 익명의 소식통을 인용해 마크 저커버그 페이스북 최고경영자(CEO)가 오리온 안경 완성에 우선순위를 두고 있다고 전했다.

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The glasses would also include an AI voice assistant as well as a ring device, though it’s not entirely clear how that would work. The internal code name for the ring device is Agios. 

Consumers can supposedly expect these high-tech glasses to hit the market between 2023 and 2025. Citing an anonymous source familiar with the project, CNN said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to prioritize the completion of the Orion glasses. 


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Facebook hinted at the glasses last October when the company told TechCrunch that they were doing a lot of research into creating AR glasses. 

Digital Trends reached out to Facebook and Luxottica to confirm details about the glasses and we’ll update this story if we hear back. 

More and more tech companies are trying to perfect smartglasses for consumers. Of course, there are Snapchat’s Snap Inc.’s Spectacles which can capture your world in a 3D view or take still images.

Tech company North also launched smart Focals last October that offer a number of features, like turn-by-turn directions, weather information, Spotify control, audio recording and more. 

Other companies haven’t been as successful in the glasses market: in 2013, Google’s Google Glass failed quickly due to the lack of proper software and the glasses’ awkward appearance. Glass has since been revived for the corporate user as the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which has a $999 price tag.

We don’t know if Facebook glasses would be a hit or a flop, but it’s another sign that the company isn’t satisfied just owning the world’s biggest social network. Earlier this month, Facebook announced Facebook Dating available to U.S. users. Unlike other dating apps, Facebook Dating suggests people based on their interests, preferences, Facebook groups, and Facebook events. The company is also reportedly working on a streaming device under its Portal line.



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