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16 Must-See Films To Inspire Architects and

Architecture Lovers

By Samantha Pires on January 27, 2021


Whether you need a great film for a quiet night in or just some background noise to help you get through your latest creative project, we've got some picks that are sure to inspire you with great stories and incredible scenes. We listed some of our favorite films that will be especially interesting to architects and architecture lovers.

Left to right (top): Blade Runner 2049, Black Panther, Ex Machina, The Grand Budapest Hotel; left to right (bottom): Her, Inception, Parasite, High-Rise

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왼쪽에서 오른쪽으로(위): Blade Runner 2049, Black Panther, Ex Machina, The Grand Buadest 호텔, 왼쪽에서 오른쪽(아래): 그녀, 인셉션, 기생충, 고층 건물

   몇몇 영화들은 놀라운 세계 건설로 포함되어 있다. 디자인 경연대회를 위해 정말 엉뚱한 것을 디자인할 준비가 됐거나 미래 기술의 영향을 고려해 보신다면 정말 좋다. 아마도 타워 디자인에 포함된 모든 복잡한 건축 프로그램을 진행하고 있을 것이다. 디자인 결정이 사람들에게 미치는 극적인 영향에 대해서는 항상 높인 시각에서 눈을 돌릴 수 있고, 아치 역사의 흔적이 있는 믿을 수 없는 경치에 대해서는 블레이드 러너 2049로 눈을 돌릴 수 있다.

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Some films are included for their incredible world-building. These are great if you are getting ready to design something really wild for a concept competition or if you have been considering the impact of future technologies. Maybe you are working on all the complicated building program included in a tower design. You can always turn to High-Rise for the dramatic effects design decisions have on people, or to Blade Runner 2049 for some incredible scenery with traces of arch history.

We have also included a few films that include an architect as the main character, namely The Fountainhead, which includes the most famous representation of an architect in popular media. Keep scrolling to find your next favorite film!

Films That Architects and Architecture Lovers Must See


BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017)

Cityscape in Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Synopsis: This sequel to Blade Runner (from 1982) centers around Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a blade runner for the LAPD. The film takes place in the same dystopian LA world as the original, but this time, the protagonist is a replicant who starts to uncover secrets about the world he thinks he knows. Officer K is suddenly thrown into a quest to find Richard Deckard (Harrison Ford).

Why you should watch: Blade Runner may be an obvious choice for this list. Images of the city seem to be inspired by Brutalism—a brand of architectural modernism defined by the extensive use of raw concrete or “beton brut” from which the style gets its name. For those familiar with the divided opinions on this style, which is sometimes referred to as cold or oppressive, the film seems to uphold the negative commentary surrounding Brutalism. Failed Architecture analyzes the architecture in Blade Runner 2049 and how closely it relates to the Brutalism we know.


Wakanda in Black Panther (2018)

Synopsis: Marvel’s Black Panther centers on T’Challa, heir to the throne of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, who returns home after the death of his father. To stop the rise of an old enemy, T’Challa and his trusted allies must fight to protect their people while the new king learns to use the power of the Black Panther.

Why you should watch: This is a decidedly stunning film with a fully realized world within it. The nation of Wakanda has well earned a place on this list. It is often cited as an inspiration for futuristic African cities currently in planning, like Akon City. It is also relevant to architects because of the technological innovation within the film—largely made possible by the fictional metal of vibranium, which reached Wakanda through a meteorite that fell long before the city’s development. As we approach a new age of material innovation, Wakanda may provide inspiration for building with new resources.

BRAZIL (1985)

Jack Lint Portrayed by Michael Palin in Brazil (1985)

Synopsis: If you are a fan of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, you may enjoy the odd sci-fi film Brazil. It features Sam Lowry (Jonathon Pryce), a bureaucrat whose life takes an odd turn when he begins dreaming of the beautiful Jill Layton (Kim Greist).

Why you should watch: Architects and designers may enjoy this film because of the alternative and often absurd machines that define the built world in the movie. Director Terry Gilliam and Charles Alverson, who worked on the screenplay and script, describe the unique environment by saying, “It is neither future nor past, and yet a bit of each. It is neither East or West, but could be Belgrade or Scunthorpe on a drizzly day in February. Or Cicero, Illinois, seen through the bottom of a beer bottle.” This is a great film for those interested in the way technology forms the cities and world we live in.


Kyoko portrayed by Sonoya Mizuno and Ava portrayed by Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina (2014)

Synopsis: Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) gets selected to participate in a Turing test of eccentric CEO Nathan Bateman’s (Oscar Isaac) robot called Ava (Alicia Vikander). Caleb must spend his time discerning just how “human” Ava is.

Why you should watch: Ex Machina is a great film for architects interested in new technologies and architecture. The futuristic scenes and the luxurious background of Nathan’s home create a great backdrop for this suspenseful sci-fi film.


Architect Howard Roark portrayed by Gary Cooper with Ellsworth Toohey portrayed by Robert Douglas in The Fountainhead (1949)

Synopsis: The Fountainhead was adapted from Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name. Howard Roark is an architect who would never consider taking a commission that did not perfectly meet his artistic standards. He is also a firm believer in modernism and struggles to convince those around him to abandon outdated ideas.

Why you should watch: Howard Roark of The Fountainhead may be the most influential depiction of an architect in film. Rand’s book is an example of the individualist architect fighting for a design aesthetic unwanted by a collective who are unwilling to consider new ideas.


Cityscape in Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Synopsis: Cyborg Motoko Kusanagi is a security agent in 2029 Japan. She uses her skills to track down a hacker called the Puppet Master, but ends up questioning what she knows about her own identity as well.

Why you should watch: Though the live-action film faced heavy backlash for creative and casting decisions, the Ghost in the Shell anime boasts an incredible storyline, great world-building, and beautiful cyberpunk cityscapes. The unique city imagery is inspired by Hong Kong in the ’90s.


Movie poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Synopsis: The Grand Budapest Hotel is a popular resort in the 1930s. Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes), a staff member at the hotel, becomes enthralled in a murder investigation of one of the guests he was sleeping with.

Why you should watch: In typical Wes Anderson fashion, the film is visually stunning with unusual colors and symmetrical compositions. The movie poster alone makes The Grand Budapest Hotel worthy of a spot on this list. But the even more vibrant and carefully composed scenes will definitely inspire you to design some colorful interiors.

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