VIDEO: Watch a 21-story Building Demolition from 7 Different Angles
May 31, 2019 Shane Hedmond

In order to build new, something has to be destroyed.  Such was the fate of the former Bethlehem Steel headquarters, as it was demolished by implosion a little over a week ago.

The Martin Tower, named after the former chairman of Bethlehem Steel, Edmund F Martin, began construction in 1969 and completed in 1972.  The building was closed in 2007 and finally demolished 50 years after construction started on the structure.




7개 각도에서 본 21층 건물 철거 영상 

   전 베들레헴 스틸 회장 에드먼드 F 마틴의 이름을 딴 펜실베니아 베들레햄의 마틴 타워는 1969년에 착공하여 1972년에 완공되었다. 2007년 문을 닫은 뒤 50년 만에 철거됐다.

그 건물은 총 21층에 걸쳐 약 100m 높이에 서 있었다.

철거 후 300m 이내에 접근금지 구역이 설치되었고 공기를 감시하기 위해 제3의 계약자가 고용되었다. The Morning Call에 따르면, 공기 모니터링에서 나온 테스트 결과는 발표되지 않았지만, 회사는 어떠한 이상도 예상하지 못했다고 한다.

이 지역의 개발은 정리가 완료된 후 실시될 예정이다. 

아래 '더 로이조 그룹'이 유튜브에 올린 철거 영상을 볼 수 있다.LLC. 비디오는 붕괴의 7개의 다른 각도와 끝을 향한 느린 움직임 비디오를 특징으로 한다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터
Ki Cheol Hwang, conpaper editor, curator

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The building stood 332 feet tall across 21 total floors.  Its 567,000 square feet were supported by 6,500 cubic yards of concrete and 16,000 tons of structural steel, according to The Morning Call.  Asbestos was abated from the property in 2017.

Local news reports stated the implosion happened according to the plan.  An exclusion zone was set up within 1,000 feet of the demolition and a 3rd party contractor was hired to monitor the air.  The test results from the air monitoring have not been released, but the company did not expect anything abnormal, according to The Morning Call.

A “live-work” development is slated to take its place after the cleanup is completed. 

You can watch the video of the demolition below, which was posted to YouTube by TheLoizeauxGroupLLC.  The video features 7 different angles of the implosion, as well as a slow motion video toward the end.


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