Apple Campus 2 Revealed In Drone Flyover Video: Construction Of UFO-Like Facility Almost Complete

The Apple Campus 2 looks like it is almost complete, as seen in the latest drone flyover video on the facility. Most of the structure's walls and solar panels are already up, with landscaping work already started.  ( Sexton Videography | YouTube ) - See more at: 

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28 November 2016, 11:27 am EST By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times

The latest drone flyover video on the Apple Campus 2 reveals that the facility is almost complete, and it looks like it came straight out of a science fiction movie.

There have been a few other drone flyover videos on Apple's new home, but this new one gives the best look on how the Apple Campus 2 would look like once construction is done.

Apple Campus 2 Almost Ready

In the video taken by Sexton Videography and uploaded to YouTube, it can be seen that the structures of the Apple Campus 2 are almost finalized, with most of the walls and the solar panels that will provide power to the facility already in place.

The solar panels cover the roof of nearly all the buildings and parking spaces, though not including the R&D building which is lined with HVAC systems and the carbon fiber events auditorium.

It can also be seen in the video that landscaping work is already starting, with trees and fountains being brought in to start the finishing touches on the Apple Campus 2.

The Self-Sustaining Apple Campus 2

The inclusion of solar panels is part of the initiative to try to make the Apple Campus 2 a self-sustaining structure, especially during the days when the sun is out.

The facility will also have other means to produce energy such as Bloom Energy units, with the plan to use electricity from the grid only as a backup and to sell off excess power that the Apple Campus 2 power generators produce through its Apple Energy unit.

Past Apple Campus 2 Drone Flyover Videos

Drone flyover videos on the Apple Campus 2 showed the progress that has been made on the structure.

A video reported in September 2014 showed mostly nothing but circles on the construction ground, though it gave an idea of just how massive the structure would be.

A year later in September 2015, another drone flyover video showed the foundations of the Apple Campus 2 being built, with much more activity on the site compared with the previous video.

Construction activities really started to pick up by April of this year, when the pieces of the Apple Campus 2 started coming together. The drone flyover video revealed the curved solar panels, which are said to be the largest in the world, being fitted into the buildings of the facility.

Moving Into Apple Campus 2

It was said that the completion date of the Apple Campus 2 was pushed back to the second quarter of 2017 due to the landscaping work that still needed to be done onsite. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that there would already be Apple employees moving into the facility beginning January of next year.


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