A boy's best friend: Carter (left) and his loyal pet Toby have been inseparable ever since the youngster was welcomed into the family home



카터와 절친 '토비'는 인스타스램에 5000명의 팬을 가지고 있다.


A puppy is a boy's best friend: Amazing photos show the bond between toddler and his dog... and now they have more than 5,000 Instagram fans


Carter and pet Toby are inseparable and have been part of each other's lives since before the youngster was born
Parents Devin and Jake Crouch have been documenting their progress on the picture sharing site since 2012
Toby would lie next to Devin while she was pregnant because he could tell 'something was going to change his world'
The couple rescued Toby in 2011, and welcomed Carter into the family home 16 months later 

By Wills Robinson

They say dog is man's best friend, but not many owners can say the bond began before they were born.
Toddler Carter and his pet Toby have developed a special relationship at their home in Indianapolis, Indiana, and become virtually inseparable.

Parents Devin and Jake Crouch have been documenting their progress on Instagram and now have more than 5,000 followers.

Their chemistry began when Toby would curl up to Devin while she was pregnant to keep her safe, knowing 'something was going to change his world.'

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A glimpse of the future

A glimpse of the future? Carter's parents Devin and Jake Crouch have used the Intsagram account as a journal for the boy, and have set them up in a number of poses


Close: Mother Devin, 26, who set up the account, says: 'The bond that Carter and Toby share is absolutely incredible' 

Devin, 26, who has no previous photography experience, said: 'The bond that Carter and Toby share is absolutely incredible.

'The first Carter and Toby photos started the day Carter came home from the hospital, when we noticed how protective Toby was over him. Toby stayed close to his new brother and would follow anyone who would hold Carter.


'We realised that the two of them would always have a special relationship and we thought an Instagram account would be a great way to document their lives together.'


The couple rescued Toby in June 2011 and Carter was welcomed to the family 16 months later.

Devin said: 'This bond between them was evident to us even before Carter was born. While I was on bed rest, Toby, who was not allowed in our bedroom at the time, would sneak up and lay at the end of the bed to make sure I was okay


Special bond

Special bond: Carter plays with cards while Toby lies on the laminate floor of their Indianapolis home behind him


Sharing: The youngster, relaxing in the sun, offers his dog a slice of watermelon. He responds by sticking out his tongue to taste the fruit 


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