Top 5 Saudi Vision 2030 projects

From Jeddah to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is currently undertaking several megaprojects across the kingdom as part of Saudi Vision 2030. Here are the top five ongoing projects in Saudi this year

Al-Faisaliya project

The 2,450km2 Al-Faisaliya project is said to be an extension to the city of Makkah and will see the development of residential areas, malls, a port, and entertainment, educational, health, agricultural, and industrial facilities.

The Red Sea project

The Red Sea project is a 34,000km2 tourism development between the Umluj and Al Wajh cities which will include hotels and residences developed across 50 natural islands.

Saudi Housing Development

The Saudi Housing Development comprises a number of residential projects being built to counter the shortage of affordable housing across the kingdom.

The Avuenues in Riyadh

The Avuenues in Riyadh includes a shopping mall, two residential towers, two hotel towers, a medical tower, and office units.

Jabal Omar Development,

The $5.3bn Jabal Omar Development, located in Makkah, will include hotels, retail, and residential properties.




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