Brick Laying Robot, Hadrian X, Completes First Commercial Building

The robotic brick laying robot, Hadrian X has been pretty busy this summer.  After breaking its lay speed record of 200 blocks laid per hour, the robot is now taking on commercial structures.

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벽돌 쌓기 로봇 Hadrian X, 최초 상업용 건물 완공

   로봇 Hadrian X는 올 여름 매우 바빴다. 이 로봇은 시간당 200블록의 기록을 깨고 상업용 구조물을 투입하고 있다.

2020년 9월 1일 시작된  이 건물은 서부 호주 퍼스에 위치한 건물로 외관은 높이 15courses, 내부는 높이 4courses인 이중벽돌벽으로 구성되었다. 로봇의 공정에 익숙하지 않다면 블록을 쌓기 위해  전용 접착제를 사용한다.

로봇은 중간에 설치된 콘크리트와 철골, 그리고 우박, 강풍, 비를 포함한 첫  폭풍을 고려해야 했다. Hadrian X의 제작사인 FBR의 팀은 이 로봇이 이전에 가벼운 것들만 다룰 수 있다고 생각했기 때문에 그러한 조건들을 통과하여 작업을 할 수 있었다는 것에 놀랐다.

찍은 구조용 블록 벽은 약 일주일 후인 9월 8일에 Hadrian X에 의해 완성되었다. 

FBR의 팀은 또한 동영상으로 이번 주 내내 프로젝트의 진행 상황을 기록했다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터

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Started on September 1, 2020, the commercial building, located in Perth, Western Australia, was composed of a double brick cavity wall 15 courses high on the exterior and 4 courses high on the interior. If you’re unfamiliar with the robot’s process, it uses a proprietary adhesive, as opposed to traditional mortar to lay the block.

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To add to the complexity of this project, the robot had to account for concrete and steel lentils, which were installed in the middle of the project, and also its first heavy storm, including hail, high winds, and rain. The team from FBR, the maker of the Hadrian X, were pleasantly surprised the robot was able to work through those conditions, as they previously had thought it could only handle light rain.

The structural block wall took was completed by the Hadrian X about a week later, on September 8. The robot was able to lay the block, with its dimensions converting to roughly 15in x 9in, by 3.5 in each, at a rate of 174 per hour and a top speed of 228 per hour. 

The team from FBR also documented the progress of the project throughout the week in a series of videos, which you can watch below.  I’ve ordered them from newest to oldest.

Completed Project : 

Mid-Project Update: 

Beginning of Project 




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