Artificial intelligence can guess your personality from a SELFIE - but it is better at judging women than men

System accurately determined personality type 58 per cent of the time 

Was trained on thousands of emotionless selfies submitted by volunteers 

The system was more accurate on women than on men and was best at recognising conscientiousness 


PUBLISHED: 12:28 BST, 22 May 2020 | UPDATED: 13:12 BST, 22 May 2020


인공지능(AI), 셀카 사진으로 성격  맞출 수 있어...남성보다 여성이 더 정확

   안면인식 기술은 감정없는 셀카를 분석함으로써 사람의 성격을 결정할 수 있다고 한 연구결과가 나왔다.

연구원들은 입의 넓이와 입술이나 눈의 높이와 같은 128개의 다른 요소들을 평가하는 인공 신경 네트워크를 구축했다.

그것은 다섯 가지 성격 특성을 바탕으로 사람을 분류하기 위해 이 판독의 데이터를 사용했다: 양심, 신경증, 외향성, 상냥함, 개방성 등

자원 봉사자들이 작성한 설문지와 비교하면, AI는 58%의 정확도 기록했다.

과학자들은 소위 '빅 파이브'라는 특성을 이용하여 개성을 분류하기 위해 잘 정립된 방법을 사용했다.

이 시스템은 남성보다 여성에게 더 정확하고 잘 인식하는 것으로 밝혀졌다.

총 12,000명의 자원봉사자들이 총 31,000개의 셀카를 올렸고, 이것들은 두 그룹으로 나뉘었다.

HSE대학과 모스크바 대학의 연구에 따르면 인공신경망은 사람의 성격을 직접 평가하도록 요청받았지만 그 사람에 대해서는 전혀 알지 못하는 평균적인 인간보다 뛰어나다고 한다.

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Facial recognition technology can determine a person's personality by analysing an emotionless selfie, a study claims. 


The researchers trained the AI system to determine personality based on selfies. A person was classified as having one of the following traits: conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness. The team then created composite images by averaging the uploaded images with the highest and the lowest test scores on each trait. Pictured, the averaged look at most and least conscientious

Researchers built an artificial neural network that assessed 128 different factors of a person's face, such as the width of the mouth and the height of the lips or eyes.

It used the data from these readings to categorise a person based on five personality traits: conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness.

When compared to questionnaires filled in by the volunteers, the AI was accurate 58 per cent of the time. 

Researchers say pure chance would get this right 50 per cent of the time and humans are less consistent than the facial recognition method. 

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Pictured, a composite image showing the differences between the average low and high levels of openness. Previous research has found open minded people command higher earnings and 'agreeable' types are popular and have lots of friends

Scientists used a well-established method to categorise personalities, using the so-called 'Big Five' traits.  

The system was found to be more accurate on women than on men and was best at recognising conscientiousness. 

A total of 12,000 volunteers uploaded 31,000 selfies in total an and these were split into two groups. 

One was used to train the AI system and the other group was sued to test the network. 

Researches from two Moscow universities, HSE University (Higher School of Economics) and Open University for the Humanities and Economics, say the artificial neural network outperforms an average human who is asked to rate a person's personality in person but without knowing anything else about the person.  

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Artificial intelligence can guess your personality based on a SELFIE 


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