Core of ice 'pings' like lasers and then makes 'heartbeat' sounds when scientists drop it down a 450ft hole in an Antarctic glacier


Deep hole sin Antarctic ice were drilled to investigate ancient air trapped within 

Scientists dropped pieces of ice down there when the experiments finished  

The distorted sound as it falls is caused by the Doppler Effect stretching sound 

Laser-like pinging is caused by sound vibrating off the walls as echoes upwards 


PUBLISHED: 11:25 GMT, 13 February 2020 | UPDATED: 11:35 GMT, 13 February 2020


남극 기후 연구팀, 135m 깊이에  얼음 낙하했더니..."심장박동소리 들려"

    한 동영상에 얼음 덩어리가 135m 깊이의 홀에 떨어진 후  이상한 소리를 내는 불안한 순간이 포착됐다.

트위터에 게재된 영상에서 얼음 코어는 레이저처럼 다양한 팅팅 소리를 내고 구멍 바닥으로 추락하면서 특이한 '심장박동 소리'를 연출하고 있다.

과학자들은 이 영상을 녹화했을 때 지구의 선사시대 기후를 연구하기 위해 8,000년 된 얼음 코어를 추출하기 위해 남극에 있었다.

과학자들은 8,000년 된 지구의 선사시대 기후를 연구하기 위해 남극대륙에서 얼음 코어를 추출하고 있었는데, 그 때 그들은 그들만의 재미를 가지고 깊은 홀로 얼음 코어를 떨어뜨렸다.

이 동영상은 동위원소 지질학자인 존 앤드류 히긴스와 워싱턴 포스트 닥터 리서치 어소시에이트, 피터 네프에 의해 게재되었다.

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

Ki Chul Hwang, conpaper editor, curator

edited by kcontents

A viral video has captured the unnerving moment a chunk of ice made bizarre sounds after being dropped down a 450ft-deep borehole. 

In the footage posted on Twitter, the ice core makes an unnerving variety of laser-like pinging sounds and an unusual 'heartbeat' as it crashes to the bottom of the hole. 

Scientists were in Antarctica extracting 8,000-year-old ice cores to study Earth's prehistoric climate when they recorded the video.  

Scientists were in Antarctica extracting 8,000-year-old ice cores to study Earth's prehistoric climate when they had their own piece of fun and dropped the ice core down a deep borehole (pictured)

The video was posted by isotope geochemist, John Andrew Higgins and University of Washington Postdoctoral Research Associate, Peter Neff. 

Dr Neff posted a similar video in February 2018 which went viral with more than ten million views.

But a different version surfaced earlier this month and has already received almost 23,000 likes. 

In a the video filmed by Dr Higgins, Dr Neff reveals the ice cores were drilled at Law Dome in Antarctica. 

The research team was taking huge pieces of ice and extracting them in a bid to study their composition. 

He says: ' We are drilling a whole bunch of ice cores to pull out ancient air to study how the atmosphere cleans itself. 

'The most recent work that I've done is with the ice bubbles that are trapped in the ice. 

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