Helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant, 41, and his daughter Gianna, 13, flew through fog despite cops GROUNDING their fleet over safety fears as more of the nine victims of the Calabasas crash are named

Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna (pictured together in December) and seven others were killed when his private helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California, on Sunday morning

Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others were killed in the helicopter crash at around 10am Sunday

Baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri, daughter Alyssa and basketball coach Christina Mauser also died 

The private Sikorsky S-76 helicopter caught fire after it struck a hillside in Calabasas amid heavy fog

Law enforcement told TMZ even LAPD air support had been grounded due to the bad weather 

Sources say it was headed to Bryant's Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks for basketball practice 

Initial reports claimed five had been killed, but the death toll was later raised to nine - including the pilot

The cause of the crash is under investigation and witnesses say they heard the chopper engine 'sputtering'

Bryant and Gianna are survived by his wife Vanessa and their three other daughters Natalia, Bianca and Capri

He spent his entire 20-year career with the LA Lakers, winning five NBA championships before retiring in 2016

News of his death sent shockwaves around the world as dozens of celebrities paid tribute on social media 


PUBLISHED: 19:32 GMT, 26 January 2020 | UPDATED: 04:40 GMT, 27 January 2020


NBA 전설적 스타 '코비 브라이언트'  헬리곱터 추락 딸과 함께 사망

부인은 탑승 안해

    NBA의 전설적 스타 '코비 브라이언트'를 태운 헬리콥터가 로스앤젤레스 경찰이 자체 함대를 착륙시켰음에도 불구하고 짙은 안개 속을 비행하다가 일요일 아침 캘리포니아 주 칼라바스의 한 산허리에 추락해 탑승자 9명 전원이 사망했다.

41세의 전 레이커스 농구 스타의 개인 헬리콥터 시코르스키 S-76은 오전 10시경 즉시 불이 붙었다. 브라이언트는 그의 13살 된 딸 지아나와 7명의 다른 사람들과 함께 죽었다.

비행 데이터에는 항공기가 매우 낮은 고도에서 선회하던 LA 동물원 상공에서 문제가 발생한 것으로 나타났으며 항공 교통 관제 영상에는 상황이 악화되고 있음을 보여준다.

조시 루벤스타인 LA 경찰 대변인은 '기상 상황이 비행의 최소 기준을 충족하지 못했다'고 덧붙였다.

보도에 따르면 아일랜드 익스프레스 홀딩사에 등록된 이 헬리콥터는 오전 9시 6분에 오렌지 카운티의 존 웨인 공항에서 이륙했고 마지막 신호는 오전 9시 45분에 수신되었다고 한다. 그것은 엘 몬테의 산 가브리엘 밸리 공항에 착륙할 것으로 예상되었다.

브라이언트의 헬리콥터는 글렌데일 근처에 있는 5번 주간 고속도로 바로 동쪽을 한 바퀴 돌았다. 항공 관제사들은 북쪽에 있는 버뱅크와 북서쪽에 있는 반 누이스 주변의 시야가 좋지 않다고 지적했다.

다른 항공기를 위해 헬기를 든 후, 그들은 시코르스키 S-76을 이륙시켜 5번 주간 고속도로를 지나 버뱅크까지 북쪽으로 진격한 후 서쪽으로 방향을 돌려 벤추라 고속도로인 미국 101번 도로를 따라갔다.

오전 9시 40분 직후, 헬리콥터는 다시 남동쪽으로 방향을 틀었고, 해발 2,000피트 이상으로 올라갔다. Flyradar24의 자료에 따르면, 그것은 약 1,400피트에서 산허리에 추락했다.

지상에 착륙했을 때, 헬리콥터는 약 160노트(184mph)로 비행했고 분당 4,000피트 이상의 속도로 하강하고 있었던 것으로 플라이트라다24 자료에 나타났다. 빌라누에바 대변인은 이 충격으로 축구장 크기만한 지역에 파편이 흩어졌다고 말했다.

추락 현장 근처에 사는 사람들은 저공비행기나 헬리콥터 같은 소리를 들었다고 말했다. 콜린 스톰이 말했다: 안개가 매우 심해서 우리는 아무것도 볼 수 없었다.'

황기철 콘페이퍼 에디터 큐레이터

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The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant flew through thick fog, despite Los Angeles police grounding their own fleet, before crashing into a hillside in Calabasas, California, killing all nine on board on Sunday morning. 

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer said the helicopter was a Sikorsky S-76. A body is covered, left, while another sits at right at the scene of a helicopter crash that killed former NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant Sunday

The chopper went down in Calabasas, about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The cause of the crash is under investigation and witnesses say they heard the chopper engine 'sputtering'

The 41-year-old former Lakers basketball star's private Sikorsky S-76 immediately caught fire at around 10am. Bryant died alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others. 

Flight data shows the aircraft appeared to get into trouble above the LA Zoo where it circled at a very low altitude and air traffic control audio suggests conditions were worsening. 

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Josh Rubenstein confirmed their Air Support Division were grounded Sunday, adding: 'The weather situation did not meet our minimum standards for flying.'

Law enforcement told TMZ LAPD air support had been grounded due to the bad weather. Flight data shows the aircraft appeared to get into trouble above the LA Zoo where it circled at a very low altitude

Baseball coach John Altobelli, left, his wife Keri, right with John, and their daughter Alyssa all died in the crash 

Girls basketball coach Christina Mauser, left, was also killed in crash. Her husband Matt, right, wrote on Facebook: 'My kids and I are devastated. We lost our beautiful wife and mom today in a helicopter crash'

A flight plan indicated the helicopter, reportedly registered to Island Express Holding Corp., took off from John Wayne Airport in Orange County at 9.06am PST and the last signal was received from the aircraft at 9.45am. It was expected to land at San Gabriel Valley Airport in El Monte.  

Bryant’s helicopter circled for a time just east of Interstate 5, near Glendale. Air traffic controllers noted poor visibility around Burbank, just to the north, and Van Nuys, to the northwest.

After holding up the helicopter for other aircraft, they cleared the Sikorsky S-76 to proceed north along Interstate 5 through Burbank before turning west to follow U.S Route 101, the Ventura Highway.

Shortly after 9:40 a.m., the helicopter turned again, toward the southeast, and climbed to more than 2,000 feet above sea level. It then descended and crashed into the hillside at about 1,400 feet, according to data from Flightradar24.

When it struck the ground, the helicopter was flying at about 160 knots (184 mph) and descending at a rate of more than 4,000 feet per minute, the Flightradar24 data showed. The impact scattered debris over an area about the size of a football field, Villanueva said.

Those living nearby the crash scene said they heard what sounded like a low-flying airplane or helicopter. Colin Storm said: 'It was very foggy so we couldn't see anything. But then we heard some sputtering, and then a boom.'

Calabasas resident Matt Graham told People: 'I was sitting on my couch when I heard it go over our roof. I thought to myself, ‘Wow they’re flying really low today.’ It must’ve been about 100 feet above our roof by the way the house was shaking. I couldn’t imagine why a helicopter was flying so low.' 

Firefighters hiked in with medical equipment and hoses, and medical personnel rappelled to the site from a helicopter, but found no survivors, Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said.  

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Kobe Bryant dies at age 41 in helicopter crash


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