Google's Pixel 4 could have the Project Soli chip

Sensors would allow users to operate their handsets via hand gestures.


JUNE 11, 2019 2:33 PM PDT


Google's Pixel 4 phone -- recently confirmed by Google, for reasons we can only speculate -- could come equipped with the tech giant's Project Soli chip, according to a report. Project Soli, Google's radar-based motion sensors, would allow users to operate phones via hand gestures.

 Rumor: Google's Project Soli radar chip could debut in Google Pixel 4/9to5Google

Google Pixel 4: Official picture, Project Soli, leaks, and launch date

If you're waiting to switch from iOS or upgrade to Google's Pixel 4, here's everything you need to know.

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구글의 비밀 병기 ‘프로젝트 솔리’, 픽셀4에 탑재되나?

   손톱보다 작은 크기에 레이더 센서(radar-enabled sensor)를 탑재하고 물체가 움직이는 방향, 속도를 밀리미터 단위까지 인식하고 사물의 재질, 색상, 빈 공간을 구분하는 ‘프로젝트 솔리(Project Soli)’는 지난 2015년 6월 구글 I/O에서 잠깐 소개됐었다.

이 칩을 내장하면 기기에 손을 대지 않고 손가락만 움직여 미세한 컨트롤이 가능하다. 단순히 손을 휘젓는 수준의 제스처 컨트롤보다 훨씬 정확하고 다양한 조작을 할 수 있다. IoT 기기에 활용한다면 과일의 색상, 크기를 구분, 분류할 수 있고 빈 맥주잔을 인식하고 자동으로 주문하는 것도 가능하다.

마법 같은 프로젝트 솔리 칩이 올가을 공개되는 픽셀4에 내장될 가능성이 제기되고 있다. 얼마 전 배포된 안드로이드Q 베타3, 베타4 내부 코드에서 미디어 재생/멈춤, 곡 넘김과 관련한 새로운 방식의 제스처 컨트롤을 위한 ‘어웨어(Aware)’ 센서에 대한 내용이 XDA 개발자 포럼에 의해 노출됐다. 여기서 언급된 어웨어 센서가 솔리 칩으로 추정된다. 구글은 지난해 12월 말 솔리 칩과 관련한 특허도 취득했다.

구글은 올해 새로운 구글 홈, 스마트워치, 픽셀4 등 하드웨어를 준비하고 있다. 여기에 솔리 칩이 들어간다면 제스처 컨트롤을 새롭게 정의할 수 있다.

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Google had unveiled Project Soli at I/O back in 2016 with a video showing how people could use the technology to control their smartwatch and smart speakers by moving your hand and fingers.

9to5Google reported on Tuesday it had heard that the Project Soli chip is being integrated into the upcoming Pixel 4 flagship phone.

In December 2018, Google was granted approval by the Federal Communications Commission to deploy and operate the Project Soli sensors at high power levels and aboard aircraft.

Google had applied for the waiver in March 2018, with the sensor allowing Google to capture motion in a 3D space using a radar beam. This enables the touchless control of devices.

"Grant of the waiver will serve the public interest by providing for innovative device control features using touchless hand gesture technology," Julius Knapp, the FCC's chief of Engineering and Technology, wrote in the order at the time.


The Pixel 4 could be getting gesture control.

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Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google's upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone is also rumored to have a square camera module on the back of the phone as well as  a notch, two speaker grills on the edge at either side of the USB-C port, volume and power on the right-hand side of the phone. It will reportedly lack a fingerprint scanner and buttons on the left side.

The Pixel 4 is rumored to launch in October, and will likely run Android Q. It could also be bezel-less, have a hole-punch screen, two rear cameras for four cameras in total and improved dual-SIM capabilities.

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