PlanGrid Announces PlanGrid BIM, Their First Autodesk Integration After 2018 Acquisition 

April 23, 2019 Shane Hedmond

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플랜그리드, 2018년 오토데스크에 피인수된 후 첫 플랜그리드 BIM 발표

   2018년 11월 오토데스크는 8억7500만 달러에 건설현장 소프트웨어인 PlanGrid를 인수했다고 발표했다. 그것은 업계로서는 엄청난 뉴스였다. 오늘 아침 PlanGrid는 Autodesk 플랫폼인 PlanGrid BIM에 첫 통합 기능을 공식 출시하였다.

2018년 PlanGrid의 건설 서밋에서 처음 발표된 PlanGrid BIM은 사용자가 Autodesk Revit과의 통합을 통해 PlanGrid 애플리케이션을 통해 빌딩 정보 모델링(BIM) 데이터에 액세스할 수 있도록 한다. 현재 PlanGrid BIM은 iOS 및 웹 플랫폼의 PlanGrid 사용자를 위해 이용 가능하다. 이전 버전과 일관되게, Android 및 Windows 애플리케이션 업데이트는 나중에 뒤따를 것이다

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In November of 2018, Autodesk announced that it had acquired field productivity software, PlanGrid, for $875 Million. It was huge news for an industry that is finally starting to warm up to the use of technology on the jobsite.  This morning, PlanGrid officially released their first integration into the Autodesk platform: PlanGrid BIM.

First announced at PlanGrid’s Inaugural Construction Summit in 2018, PlanGrid BIM will allow users to access Building Information Modeling (BIM) data through their PlanGrid application through an integration with Autodesk Revit. As of today, PlanGrid BIM is available today for PlanGrid users on the iOS and web platforms.  Consistent with past releases, the Android and Windows application updates will follow at a later date.

The main features of the integration include:

BIM-enabled Sheets

On 2D drawings, users can simply tap an object and pull up valuable information about it, such as material type, manufacturer details, and object dimensions.

via PlanGrid

3D BIM Viewer

Currently in an open beta phase, the function allows users to tap on the screen to transition a 2D drawing into the 3D BIM model, even if offline.  It will also include additional features, like measurements and snap tools.

via PlanGrid

Revit Integration

Anytime models are updated in Revit, PlanGrid is also updated to reflect the changes, ensuring up-to-date information.

“We know field workers and facilities teams need mobile solutions that can be used on the job site, which is why we built PlanGrid’s software with a mobile-first approach right from the start. We saw immediate adoption, and now more than 1.5 million projects around the world are using our technology,” said Tracy Young, head of PlanGrid at Autodesk, in a press release. “We’re now bringing our mobile-first approach to BIM, empowering teams to build right the first time. With PlanGrid BIM, we are not only helping contractors work more efficiently, we’re also enabling architects to maintain their design intent and owners to reduce lifecycle costs. We’re delivering on our commitment to building powerful and easy-to-use software for the field, and developing an integrated workflow with Autodesk products. We’re changing the industry, again.”

via PlanGrid

PlanGrid also announced some hints at future developments within the PlanGrid BIM platform, including two-way sync to update the master BIM model with data from the field, the ability to generate tasks, RFIs, and punchlists from model data, as well as integrations with other design and project review software.

Although BIM is largely used in an office setting currently, due to the complex nature of the program, we’re starting to see a larger focus on making BIM models more accessible to field staff, in order to better harness its useful potential.  Procore announced their own BIM platform for field use at the 2018 Groundbreak Conference, along with a very simple and intuitive touchscreen joystick mechanism to easily navigate BIM models in the field.

For more information, visit PlanGrid BIM’s webpage.



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