Look inside the new $1.3 billion complex at Singapore's Changi Airport, with a 130-foot indoor waterfall

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Singapore's Changi Airport just opened up "Jewel," a $1.3 billion mall and lifestyle hub open to visitors with and without airplane tickets.

The glass dome features the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 130 feet — all of the water is harvested from rain.

There's also an IMAX movie theater, a supermarket, a hotel, and 280 shops and restaurants.

Skytrax rated Changi Airport as the World's Best Airport for the seventh year in a row.

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Singapore's Changi Airport has already snagged the title of world's best airport for seven years running, and its newest expansion is only tightening its grip on the title.


Jewel Changi Airport/Architectural Record


13억불 짜리 대형 복합시설 '주얼 창이 싱가포르' 개관...세계 최대 공항 폭포 장관

실내 정원에 영화관까지…탑승객 아니라도 방문 가능


 싱가포르 창이 공항과 연결되는 독특한 모양의 대형 복합시설 '주얼 창이 싱가포르'가 17일(현지시간) 문을 열었다.

CNN 등의 보도에 따르면 창이공항의 터미널 4개 중 3개와 연결되는 지상 5층·지하 5층, 면적 13만5천700㎡ 규모의 도넛 모양 복합시설 주얼 창이 싱가포르가 이날 정식 개장했다.

주얼 창이 싱가포르의 시설물 가운데는 중앙에 설치된 대형 인공 폭포가 단연 눈길을 끈다.

이 폭포의 낙차는 40m로 실내 폭포 중에서는 세계최대라고 주얼 창이 싱가포르 측은 밝혔다.

날이 어두워지면 폭포수를 스크린 삼아 다채로운 빛을 쏘아 환상적인 모습을 연출한다.

폭포는 900그루 이상의 나무와 6만 그루에 달하는 관목류로 이뤄진 거대한 실내 정원에 둘러싸여 있다.

주얼 창이 싱가포르 내부에는 햄버거 체인점 쉐이크쉑을 비롯한 식당이나 도큐핸즈와 같은 소매점, 영화관 등 280개가 넘는 상업시설이 입점했다.

주얼 창이 싱가포르는 창이공항의 주요 터미널과 연결되지만, 그 차제가 공항은 아니기 때문에 비행기 탑승객이 아니라도 방문할 수 있다.

주얼 창이 싱가포르는 김정은 북한 국무위원장이 작년 6월 북미 정상회담을 앞두고 깜짝 방문한 마리나 베이 샌즈 호텔을 설계한 이스라엘 건축가 모셰 사프디가 디자인했다.

17억 싱가포르달러(약 1조4259억원)를 투입해 4년 간의 공사를 거쳐 개장했다.


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In April 2019, Changi opened up Jewel, a lifestyle hub for the airport. The massive doughnut-shaped building sits between the control tower and Terminal 1. It took more than four years and $1.25 billion to build the glass-and-steel dome that makes up Jewel. Part luxury mall and part indoor rainforest, here's a look inside the complex making layovers more fun.

Built on what was once a parking lot, Jewel now covers 1.46 million square feet. It stands 10 stories tall with five stories below ground and five above.

- "It's huge!"

Two hundred eighty shops and restaurants circle the perimeter of the glass dome. There's a multiscreen Imax theater, a full-sized supermarket, and a hotel. In the middle of it all is the Rain Vortex. A cascading funnel of water drops seven stories through the core of the building. At over 130 feet high, it's the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. All the water is harvested from rain and recirculated through the waterfall 24-7. At night, it keeps running and acts as a canvas for a 360-degree light show projected on it.

Surrounding the Rain Vortex is a four-story indoor forest. Singapore is known as a City in a Garden, and the airport wanted to capture that theme at Jewel with the Shiseido Forest Valley. More than 900 trees and 60,000 shrubs from around the world make up the tiered gardens, and, of course, there are walking trails. They're open 24-7, and they run through the gardens past waterfalls. The airport suggests allowing a half hour for each trail, but maybe allow more time based on these crowds.


Jewel Changi’s new $1.3B project at Singapore Changi Airport Getty Images/cnbc.com

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Don't feel like walking? The skytrain weaves through the forest as well. And just because it's still an airport, there are early-check-in kiosks and counters. But you don't actually need an airplane ticket or to go through airport security to visit Jewel. Changi designed it this way to encourage Singapore residents to wander the forest trails as well. The airport expects to see 50 to 60 million visitors to Jewel this year.

But Jewel's construction isn't finished. On the building's fifth level, Canopy Park is set to open in June 2019. The recreational area will have a 164-foot-long glass-bottom bridge that will hang 75 feet off the ground. Sky nets for bouncing and walking will be as high as 26 feet above Canopy Park. A hedge maze, mirror maze, a topiary walk, and slides will top it all off.

But with 65.6 million travelers passing through Changi each year and seven best in the world crowns, Jewel is, well, just that: the jewel on top of an already stacked airport. So if you've got an airplane ticket, you can get access to the four award-winning terminals past security. There's a rooftop pool. For $13 you can watch airplanes take off around you as you swim. There's also a 24-7 free cinema... Mind-bending art... And lots of gardens, like the butterfly, sunflower, cactus, and orchid gardens. With all this, we're thinking we might opt for a longer layover.



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