Amorepacific HQ: An Architectural Marvel

Amorepacific HQ:

An Architectural Marvel

The building offers something that mediates between the company and the city. It shows how a company can participate in the larger community.“”David ChipperfieldArchitect, Amorepacific HQPART 1

World-renowned architect David Chipperfield and design director Christoph Felger took the Korean white porcelain moon jar—a traditional symbol of beauty—as their inspiration and created an “abstract and gestural” building that embodies Amorepacific’s philosophy.

The theme of connectivity runs through the entire structure—and speaks to the company's sense of duty, born of a deep desire to coexist with society.  

“I hoped for it to be a place that is open to everyone—a communal space where the company is one as a community but also where we break boundaries and freely communicate with the wider world,” says Amorepacific Group Chairman and CEO Suh Kyungbae.  

At the lower levels, an atrium, museum, auditorium, library and childcare facilities connect the building to the community.  

Above, hanging gardens, a roof terrace and energy-saving innovations connect the structure with nature and the mountains beyond the city. Inside, there is a workplace where all things—people, space and thoughts—are perfectly connected, with no partitions between people, no walls between executives and employees, no barriers between the company and the world. 

“Some cultures have the ability to create very particular and original things, such as the Korean moon jar, which possess a common beauty than can be understood by all,” says Chipperfield. 

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