Florida Construction Workers Encounter 5 Foot Alligator in Sewer Line

November 3, 2017 Shane Hedmond

via Youtube

미 플로리다 하수도공사의 건설작업자가 악어를 만났다.

어떻게 됐을까?

When construction workers cut through nature and dig in the ground, it shouldn’t be a surprise when wildlife is encountered, although some are a little bit more frightening than others.  Last year, crews had to help free a giant bear that was stuck in a cesspit and the bear was happy at all about it.

In Indiantown, Florida last week, construction workers ran into a 5-foot alligator on-site, which then ran into a 60-inch sewer line to get away from the workers.  The contractor got ahold of the local sheriff’s department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who arranged for an alligator trapper to head to the site.

The removal of the alligator was caught on video.  The reptile wasn’t helping the trapper very much and had to be dragged off and away from the work.




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