POSCO may build Magnis Resources' Tanzanian graphite project 포스코건설, 호주사와 탄자니아 나추 흑연광산 건설 MOU 체결

POSCO may build Magnis Resources' Tanzanian graphite project

호주 자원개발회사 매그니스 리소스와

2억1000만달러 자금도 조달

세계 최고 흑연 품질 자랑

Tanzanian Nachu Graphite Project location map

탄자니아 나추 흑연광산 위치도

Nachu Graphite Project


Tanzanian Graphite Project

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    포스코 건설이 호주의 자원개발회사 매그니스 리소스가 탄자니아에서 개발 중인 흑연광산과 처리시설을 건설하고 자금조달을 지원할 전망이다.

매그니스 리소스는 27일(현지시간) 탄자니아 동남부의 나추에서 진행중인 흑연광산 프로젝트와 관련해 포스코 건설이 처리 시설을 건설하고 2억1000만달러(약2374억원) 규모의 자금 조달을 지원하는 내용의 양해각서(MOU)를 체결했다고 밝혔다. 

포스코 건설의 광산플랜트 사업부문 소속 피터 임 디렉터는 성명을 내고 "탄자니아 나추의 흑연 품질은 세계 최고로 배터리 시장의 수요 급증을 맞출 수 있다"며 "마그니스와의 협업에 기쁘다"고 말했다.

매그니스 리소스는 포스코 건설 이외에도 중국 국영의 국가비금속광물산업공사(SINOMA, 시노마)와 MOU를 체결해 1억5000만달러 파이낸싱 및 설비 지원 받기로 했다. 

시노마는 나추에서 연간 생산될 흑연의 70%에 해당하는 18만t를 매입하기로 합의했다.

최근 친환경 차량, 에너지 및 수력 에너지의 개발붐에 힘입어 흑연의 수요가 급증하고 있다. 

전기차 개발업체인 테슬라는 네바다주에 리튬이온 배터리를 개발하기 위해 네바다주 광산에서 필요한 흑연을 공급받을 전망이다. 

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Location of the deposits Block B, D, F, FSL & J within the 

Nachu Graphite Project overlying the 2014 ground EM 

response pattern (hot-pink to cold-blue, high EM response 

to low EM response). 

Oct 27 South Korea's POSCO may build and help arrange financing for a graphite project in Tanzania being developed by Magnis Resources , as the Australian explorer races to start producing from the east African site by 2017.

Demand for graphite is expected to soar as it is a major ingredient in lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles and wind and solar energy storage, with appetite for greener transport and energy booming.

Magnis said on Tuesday it had signed a memorandum of understanding that could see POSCO Engineering & Construction arrange debt from lenders it has ties with for the $210 million Nachu project, as well as coming up with a fixed-price bid by mid-2016 to build the mine and processing plant.

"The quality of the graphite at Nachu is the best in the world and with the huge demand in the battery market, we are excited to be involved with Magnis," POSCO E&C mining plant business group director Peter Lim said in a statement put out by Magnis.

Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc is looking for graphite supply for a factory it is building in Nevada which it says will make more lithium ion batteries annually by 2020 than were produced globally in 2013.

Magnis is in talks to line up debt and construction proposals from a range of sources in order to get the most competitive offers and the quickest development plan, said its chairman, Frank Poullas.

The plan with POSCO E&C is similar to one that Magnis lined up with state-owned China National Nonmetallic Minerals Industrial Corp (SINOMA) for $150 million in potential project finance and construction services.

SINOMA is one of two Chinese companies that have agreed to buy a total 180,000 tonnes a year, or about 70 percent, of the planned output from Nachu. Supply agreements like those are key to lining up financing.

"The remaining offtake that we plan to sign will be with western groups, just to spread that risk," Poullas told Reuters.

"What we've seen with a lot of parties looking, when it comes to financing, is they want western offtakes."

Poullas declined to comment on whether Magnis was in talks to supply Tesla.

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