'Zalewski 건축회사는 두 곳의 사무실을 연결하는 '친환경 통로'을 디자인했다. 

장소는 사방이 건물로 가로막힌 곳이다. 

햇빛이 닿는 건물의 윗 부분에 사무실과 사무실을 잇는 잔디길을 만든 것이다. 

적어도 다른 사무실로 오가는 길에서 만큼은 햇빛을 쬐고, 바람을 맞고, 잔디를 밟을 수 있다. 

건강에 얼마나 좋을 지는 알 수 없다. 

하지만 사무실로 향하는 길에 스릴을 느낄 건 분명하다. 

고소공포증이 있는 직원은 복도를 이용하겠지만 말이다. 

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In design, it’s often said that “form follows function,” but for the Zalewski Architecture Group, sometimes “the form follows fun.” They designed a walk-on balcony that’s suspended above a courtyard in Gliwice, Poland. This isn’t your typical pathway, though. Instead of being a rigid, straight line, the designers added some whimsy and created a meandering green course that leads you from one entrance to another.

The inviting concept encourages office workers to step out of the balcony door and take a walk along the grassy route. Its path flows freely and is meant to offer a moment of relaxation, rest, and a change your attitude if you’re having a bad day. Better yet, this design provides quick access to the outdoors - no need to walk all the way downstairs.

The structure is mounted and supported by a series of thin wires that extend to the surrounding buildings. This, along with the path being 80cm wide, helps to reduce the shadows made on the courtyard. The bottom of the walkway comprises polished metal that mirrors its surroundings and blurs the edges of the path. Not only is this design beneficial for those above ground, but people below can look up and see a sculptural work of art against the sky.

Zalewski Architecture Group website
via [Inhabitat and Contemporist]

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