정부는 일본군 위안부 동원의 강제성을 인정한 고노담화를 무력화 하려는 일본 정부에 대응해

일본군 위안부 실태 백서(白書) 발간을 추진한다고 23일 밝혔다


Korea to publish white paper on Kono Statement

The Korean government says it will publish a special report as part of its push to raise international awareness of the sex slavery issue in light of Japan's re-examination of its landmark apology.

Officials said on Monday that Seoul will publish a white paper on the forced sexual enslavement of some 2-hundred-thousand women by the Japanese military during the World War II.

The Korean government wants Japan to acknowledge and take responsibility for its past wrongdoings.
Seoul also wants to raise the international community's understanding of the sex slavery issue.

Issued back in 1993 by then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono, the so-called 'Kono Statement' is Japan's acknowledgement of its military's involvement in wartime sexual slavery.

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